Our Elders

Local Presbyterian churches are governed by a group of elders chosen by the congregation. They meet in a church court called the session. The membership of the session consists of all teaching elders (also known as pastors) and ruling elders. The session governs the local church by providing for its worship, and exercising care and oversight over its members.

As a mission work, our session is provided by our mother congregation, Bethel Orthodox Presbyterian Church located in Mandan, North Dakota.

Rev. Chris Drew

Pastor, Faith OPC, Grand Forks

Elder Chris Campbell

Ruling Elder, Mandan

Rev. Bruce Prentice

Pastor, Bethel OPC, Mandan

Elder Gary Wood

Ruling Elder, Mandan

Our Deacon

The Scriptures designate the office of deacon as distinct and perpetual in the church. Deacons are called to show forth the compassion of Christ in a manifold ministry of mercy toward the saints and strangers on behalf of the church. To this end they exercise, in the fellowship of the church, a recognized stewardship of care and of gifts for those in need or distress.

Jacob Waldof


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1726 S Washington St, Ste 80
Grand Forks, ND  58201

We are inside the Grand Cities Mall, right across from the DMV.

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